With this pack you will receive 2 of each of the following blends: Signature, Energy, Dream, Breathe Easy and Cool, Calm+Collected.


This box will not come with the informational inserts that normally come with each blend. Please refer to the site listings to see the benefits of each cigarette blend. In some cases these packs may take an extra day or 2 to produce since it requires us to mix and pack all 5 blends at one time. It is much harder to make these packs so please be patient.


Our smokes are always handmade fresh to order!


The Crystal Coffin Shop and its owner are not liable for misuse of these products. Please consult with a physician if you have health issues that you think may become aggrivated by smoking. These are not designed to cure or treat medical conditions, illnesses or ailments. Herbal Smokes are a home remedy not regulated by the FDA.

Pink Variety Pack of Herbal Smokes- 10pk

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